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Astrology : Planetary aspects in astrology

Astrological aspects

We call "aspect" the angle between two planets (or elements) in the birth chart. those angles are between 0° and 180°, i.e between the conjunction and the opposition with a specific geometry based upon the division of the circle in numbers. Respectively, 360°/1=0°=conjunction, 360°/2=180°=opposition, 360°/3=120°=trigone, 360°/4=90°=square, 360°/6=60°=sextile. There are other aspects called "minor" and are generally less used because they are less strong than usual aspects called "major". The five major aspects are :

The conjunction

astrological conjunction aspect Conjonction When two or several planets are reunited in the same degree in the zodiac, they are conjuncted. This association of two planets means that they are really together, inseparable, for the good and the bad!
astrological sextile aspect

The sextile

Sextile The angle is give-or-take 60° between two or several planets. To see it on the sky chart, we need to calculate the value of two signs (2 X 30°). Symbolically this aspect shows an harmony between two planerary energies, even between two dissonant planets.

The square

astrological square aspect square Called as such because it's shaped as one of the squares that are part of the circle, this 90° aspect is considered as one of the most dissonant and conflicting in the birth chart. To see it we need to calculate the value of three signs (3 X 30°). Symbolically the square reveals a conflict between two planetary energies. It's hard to be in harmony because each one of them defends its point of view with a very critical angle towards others. But even though it's complicated, it's not impossible for them to be in harmony.
astrological trigone aspect

The trine (or trigone)

Trigone Called as such because it is one of the equilateral triangle sides in the circle. To see it on the sky chart, we need to calculate the value of four signs (4 X 30°) between two planets. Symbolically, the trigone reveals stability and positivity between two or several planets. However, this can be something we use and abuse...

The opposition

astrological opposition aspect Opposition When two planets are opposed on the sky chart (in opposite sides), they are called "in opposition". This 180° aspect is considered dissonant, just like the square. It's easy to see it on the sky chart, it's the line that links both planets cutting the zodiac circle into two identical parts. Symbolically, the opposition reveals tension between two planets, one trying to impose on the other. But this can also be considered as complementarity.

Analogy with the soli-lunar cycle

astrology cycle sun moon (solilunar) In order to have a better understanding of the different aspects, it's important to observe the phases of the Moon on its way around the Earth. This is called a lunar month.
That's why we go from a New Moon (conjunction Sun-Moon) to the first crescent (sextile), and from the first quarter (square) to a Full Moon (opposition Sun-Moon). Between those two last phases is the trigone and corresponds to the phase where the Moon is shining at 75%. Then the process is reversed and we go back again to the New Moon. This "lunar month" is universal. Each planet goes through the same phases on its way around the Sun.

I want to know my planetary aspects !

Get your free birth chart and it will give you the positions of all your planets and their major aspects. Online calculation of the birth chart and planetary aspects...
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